When Angela Fauls joined NatureForm in September 2015, it was her responsibility to drive further development of the Company’s operations performance. As Manufacturing Operations Manager, she was tasked with using Lean Logic Strategies to increase manufacturing efficiencies, project planning and cost price reduction.

Fauls’ guidance and mentoring of the Operations team has led to the successful implementation of a new direction in continuous process improvement. “NatureForm is really benefiting from Lean Logic thinking and Angela’s decision-making, analytical and strategic planning skills,” says President Steve Warren. Another factor in the success is Fauls’ vast knowledge of supply chain management in the manufacturing environment and proven leadership skills, according to Warren.

“In the past year, Fauls has trained and led her team to a new ‘lean methodology’ culture through vendor outsourcing, the cost price reduction of purchased parts, Kaizen projects, 5S workplace organization events and project I,” he continues. “It’s transformational, and it’s making a lasting difference to the way NatureForm works both internally and with our customers.”


The Operations Manager says, “I am truly happy and excited to be a part of the NatureForm/Pas Reform family. I look forward to many more years of growth, as we manufacture the highest levels of integrated hatchery solutions on the market.”

Fauls has more than 12 years’ experience in the manufacturing operations management and a BSB in Integrated Supply Chain Operations Management.