Global pathogen control specialist Anitox has appointed Ron Nietfeld and John Putnam as Senior Account Managers.

Nietfeld has myriad years of experience working with layer, broiler and turkey producers. He will cover the upper Midwest, working primarily with poultry companies and commercial feed mills in the region.

“Anitox’s science-backed product range is backed by 40 years of R&D, and expert technical and commercial teams,” explained Nick Braden, Commercial Director for North America. “Ron’s addition to the team is part of our commitment to safer, higher quality protein for human consumption through pathogen control and milling efficiency solutions.”


Putnam will cover the Southeast territory’s poultry companies and commercial mills. John has extensive experience in broilers, broiler breeders, and layers having previously served in strategic and key account positions.

“Having John join our team is a great addition for Anitox, but also for the poultry industry in the Southeast,” said Braden.

“Bringing our science-backed product range and expert technical and commercial teams to the area will be a critical resource for companies looking to tighten their biosecurity programs in the face of challenges such as antibiotic and cage-free mandates.”