The Eurodon Group, leader of Russian turkey and duck industries, will present new technological practices – highlighting “fast cooking” products – at PRODEXPO 2017, Feb. 6-10. The Group, which includes manufacturing companies Eurodon and Donstar, will also hold a marathon of master classes and tastings of new products that are in high demand.

Eurodon's past expo presentations have become main trends for the whole market. At PRODEXPO 2016, the company received more than 3,000 applications and signed myriad agreements and contracts of intents. That success has helped the company to earn sales during 2016 of 72,000 metric tons of turkey meat and 26,000 metric tons of duck meat. Compared with 2015, those numbers are 50% higher for turkey and 10% higher for duck.          

This year Eurodon will present their brands: more than 100 "Indolina" products and several dozen of "Utolina." Products featured will include breast and shoulder filets; thigh and drumsticks in vacuum trays; sausages; portioned semi-products; marinated shashliks and filets. Eurodon will showcase tested samples of products such as “turkey breast with skin"; “turkey thigh on the bone”; “turkey thigh without bone, with skin” and more.


On Feb. 7 - 9, master classes and degustations will be held at Eurodon's booths. Anton Prokofiev, famous historian of Russian cuisine, showman and TV presenter, will demonstrate how to cook simple, up-to-date recipes with turkey and duck meat.

"Indolina" and "Utolina" will participate in “the best product of the year” competition. In the past, Eurodon has consistently earned high scores for its brands.

Eurodon’s booths will be 22С10, 22С15 and 84B40. For more information about PRODEXPO, click here.