Before the International Production & Processing Expo, the American Egg Board (AEB) released its 2017 Export Marketing Programs Plan, which will be executed in cooperation with its partner, the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council.  


The 2017 Plan, first reviewed and agreed upon by an AEB Committee, outlines robust export programs in the key export markets of Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, Middle East, South Korea and the Caribbean.
The AEB’s Egg Export Plan is a “first” for the American Egg Board whose mission is to increase the demand for U.S. eggs and egg products. “The AEB is proactively supporting egg producers interested in building demand for U.S. eggs and egg products outside the United States. After all, 96 percent of the world’s population doesn’t live here, and we look forward to sharing our nutrition-packed, affordable and high-quality eggs with new customers in new markets,” said Anne L. Alonzo, AEB President & CEO.
The 2017 Plan builds upon AEB’s 2016 efforts which included the development of market intelligence, personnel training as well as trade missions to Mexico and Cuba. Exports have been identified as one of the key strategic growth pillars in AEB's overall 2017 Strategic Plan. 
“AEB powerfully advancing and expanding its U.S. marketing and promotion prowess to key foreign target markets is both exciting and helpful. The Committee approval of the 2017 Export Marketing Plan marks an important milestone in the 40-year history of the AEB,” said Steve George, Chair, AEB Foodservice, Egg Products Marketing & Exports Committee.
Alonzo concluded, “We are looking for 2017 to be the year U.S. eggs and egg products become a key player in the global exports market.”