“Among the factors that affect yield are the time and temperature of the hanging process, peeling, temperature of the reels, and the cooling temperature, as well as pH values and shaking of the carcass,” said Juan DeVillena, Wayne Farms, during his presentation at a Spanish Poultry Education Program at 2017 IPPE.

“Yield is also affected by personnel experience in cutting birds, or if the work is automatically processed,” said DeVillena, who also reviewed different aspects of calculating yield at the plant level and discussed factors that affect yield optimization. The program was presented entirely in Spanish.


Dr. Marcelo Silva, Aviagen, gave a presentation on “Nutritional Plans for Optimum Broiler Breeder Productivity.” He emphasized genetics and nutrition as key elements in optimizing broiler breeder productivity. Silva observed that growth performance should be controlled to maximize uniformity and achieve persistent production. He reported on different feeding strategies for optimizing productivity.

Dr. Angel Salazar, ISI Incubation Systems, discussed “Sanitation Programs for Hatcheries.” He emphasized the importance of hatchery sanitation programs in optimizing the quality of the final product (i.e. baby chicks) and the percentage born alive. Salazar remarked that every hatchery needs a plan to follow and recommended detecting problems, finding answers and preventing repetitions when implementing a sanitation program.