The Jones-Hamilton Company recently appointed Josh Payne, Ph.D., as the new Technical Services Manager of the Agricultural Division. Payne will be responsible for supporting territory managers with on-site technical guidance as well as providing oversight of field and laboratory trials. He brings nearly 20 years of poultry litter management experience with a focus on nutrient management, pathogen control and water quality.

Dr. Payne’s prior role as State Poultry Specialist at Oklahoma State University gave him the experience necessary to assist producers in identifying environmental factors that may affect agricultural productivity. He developed educational outreach programs for commercial and small flock poultry production, provided training and support for County Educators, and served as coordinator for the state’s Poultry Waste Management Education Program.

Payne is a recognized national expert on avian influenza response, having directed mass mortality composting efforts on 24 avian influenza affected farms and given multiple presentations to industry, state agency and federal agency representatives regarding his experiences.


“As a State Extension Specialist working directly with poultry producers throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas, I came to understand the real challenges they face,” said Payne. “Now with Jones-Hamilton, I’m able to support producers and integrators on a national level with products and solutions I believe in.”

Payne received a B.S. in Agriculture from Arkansas State University, a M.S. in Poultry Science from the University of Arkansas, and a Ph.D. in Poultry and Animal Science from North Carolina State University. He grew up on a livestock production farm in Mountain Home, Ark.