WATT Global Media is offering a collection of insightful articles and blogs on cage-free egg production to help egg producers and marketers gain knowledge on ways to help them make informed business decisions.

These 36 exclusive articles and blogs are from the editors of Egg Industry, WATT PoultryUSA and Poultry International magazines.

These articles offer information on the cage-free egg movement, as well as on producing cage-free eggs.

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The cage-free egg movement

Cage-free layer flocks in the United States continue to grow at a rapid pace to keep up with the demand brought on by cage-free egg pledges made by retailers, food processors and restaurant chains.


While many companies have said their cage-free egg purchase pledges were driven by consumer demand, most U.S. consuers have passed cage-free eggs when making retail purchases and instead chosen the less expensive eggs produced by cage-housed hens. At the time, cage-free egg production and sales in the U.S. represent only about 10 percent of the total.

The articles in the collection offer background on the cage-free egg movement and purchase trends.

Challenges that lie ahead

Raising cage-free hens introduces new management challenges for egg producers, which include revised husbandry methods to ensure bird health, welfare, productivity and profitability. Producers are now tasked to decide which type of cage-free housing system they should use.

Articles on producing cage-free eggs are designed to help egg producers with those decisions.

Insight from trusted authors and experts

This collection of exclusive cage-free egg articles and blogs is written by WATT’s editors, including Terrence O’Keefe, Benjamin Ruiz, Roy Graber and Austin Alonzo, as well as expert contributors.