Ukraine’s Mironovsky Hliboprodukt, the largest poultry integrator in the country, has decided to go with EMKA Incubators for its latest project. The first stage will be delivered by mid-2017.

The main reason the poultry integrator decided on EMKA equipment is because of its unique cooling system “Teggnologic27.” The system achieves superior uniform chick quality through a “Dry Hatch” and the “DECS” cooling and spraying system.


Dry Hatch improves the drying time of the newly hatched chicks, resulting in faster closed navels and a healthier start to life. Running the cooling water at a temperature of 27°C is above the dew point, which means no condensation in the incubator. No condensation drives perfect humidity, temperature and ventilation control and reduces any possibility of mold, bacteria or fungal development.