Metzer Farms will be able to supply more ducklings and goslings this year, because they have installed new Jamesway Platinum single-stage incubators at its California hatchery.

Metzer Farms is notable as a premier producer of waterfowl with over 30 breeds. The company ships a wide variety of hatchlings to a growing number of national and international destinations. The diversity of species and number of eggs hatched within their machines varies on a weekly basis. Jamesway considers the decision to increase Metzer’s fleet of machines a testament to how well the Platinum line can adapt to differing hatch profiles.

The new machines—four Platinum 2.0 single-stage incubators and two Platinum hatchers—arrived in January to help the Metzer operation keep up with the demands of an evolving market for more exotic fowl.


“We love being involved with the Metzer operation since they allow us to see how our machines can adapt to the unusual demands of their business and the challenges of hatching a variety of species and types of egg,” says Jason Anderson, sales agent for Jamesway. “We are happy that our machines give them the flexibility they need.”

John Metzer, owner of Metzer Farms, says that part of the decision to stay with Jamesway was its depth of customer service and hatchery knowledge. He says the company offers tremendous capacity for “problem solving and advice on the best practices for the hatches. Outstanding customer service.”

Metzer Farms specializes in waterfowl but also hatches guinea fowl and chickens.