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China / Business & Markets
on March 22, 2017

Who will supply China’s growing appetite for poultry?

Significant opportunities await whomever may be able to satisfy China’s growing appetite for safe poultry meat.

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Chinese meat and poultry consumption has more than quadrupled in the past 30 years and, while chicken will not soon overtake pork consumption in China, it is being eaten much more regularly.

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The popularity of fast food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken has boosted consumption over the past several decades.

Despite this strong growth trajectory, Chinese per capita meat consumption remains low – for example, it has only reached half that of the average American. As such, it seems likely that demand has plenty of room for future growth if consumer desires are met, but which poultry meat exporting country will be the main beneficiary if this becomes reality?

Brazilian chicken processors appear to be the obvious beneficiaries of China’s growing demand for poultry meat, as a weakening real -- particularly when combined with a strengthening U.S. dollar -- has made Brazilian products more affordable, while U.S.-China trade restrictions have made availability sporadic.

While Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East remain primary export markets for Brazil, China is expected to be Brazil’s leading growth poultry market for 2017. And the Brazilian chicken industry is far more dependent on trade, as more than 30 percent of Brazilian chicken is typically destined for export markets, compared with the U.S., which exports 18 percent of its chicken.

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