Sweden can now declare itself free of Newcastle disease, according to a report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The country had been on alert for the disease since October 11, 2016, when the Swedish Board of Agriculture Department for Animal Welfare and Health reported to the OIE that a flock of 18,000 hens at an organic farm in Vellinge was affected by the disease. The farm had witnessed symptoms of egg drop and eggs without shells, but there were no deaths. Tests performed at the National Veterinary Institute proved positive for Newcastle disease.

All 18,000 chickens were destroyed, as were 80 doves that were located in a dovecote 300 meters from the farm.


Preliminary disinfection at the affected premises was concluded in November 2016. A 3-kilometer protection zone and 10-kilometer surveillance zone were put in place. Both restrictions were lifted in December, the OIE reported.

The source of the outbreak remains unknown, OIE stated.

No other cases of the disease were confirmed by animal health officials in the country.