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on March 31, 2017
2017 Nutrition & Feed Survey

Antibiotic-free animal feed production grows worldwide

Fifty-seven percent of survey respondents report more than half of their company’s production is antibiotic free

The move to reduce antibiotics from livestock production continues to gain traction around the world.

Read the entire report about WATT Global Media’s 2017 Nutrition & Feed survey exclusively in the April/May issue of Feed International.

Respondents to WATT Global Media’s 2017 Nutrition & Feed survey indicate the shift has left many animal feed producers and formulators looking for feed additive solutions as the key to developing effective antibiotic replacement and elimination strategies.

The annual survey was conducted in early 2017 and includes the feedback of 364 participants from around the world:

  • Latin America, 32 percent
  • United States/Canada, 18 percent
  • Asia/Pacific, 17 percent
  • Europe, 15 percent
  • Africa, 14 percent
  • Middle East, 4 percent

More than half of participants were nutritionists, consultants and veterinarians, with the remaining portion of respondees comprised of operators, marketers and administrators.

For seven years, survey respondents have been asked to gauge the market and offer their feelings about prospective profitability for the year ahead.

The 2017 Nutrition & Feed survey looks at profitability, the effects of the elimination of antibiotics, mycotoxins’ effects, how many animal feed producers are producing antibiotic-free feeds and what related difficulties they have encountered, and animal feed additives used to replace antibiotic growth promoters, among other topics.

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