The American Egg Board (AEB) has partnered with the National 4-H Council, a national youth organization, to educate teachers and students on the nutritional benefits and versatility of eggs. Thanks to this unique partnership, the AEB is equipping even more classrooms with egg materials, packing more school menus with eggs and filling more students’ stomachs with eggs and egg products.

“We recently supported the highly successful National 4-H Council’s Youth Summit on Healthy Living in Chevy Chase, Md., as part of our increased efforts to connect with America’s youth,” says Anne L. Alonzo, AEB’s CEO and President. “Strategic partnerships, like those with 4-H, are paramount to the AEB’s mission to drive demand for eggs and egg products through research, education and promotion.”
In 2017, the AEB plans to engage with more students, parents and teachers in-person than ever before by ramping up outreach efforts to school nutrition professionals who oversee school foodservice programs. A pilot program was also recently launched to work with the egg industry’s state promotional partners to connect directly with schools. The AEB developed Tools for Schools that provides schools with marketing resources to help educate staff and promote eggs to students. How-to videos, posters, logos, labels and more can be downloaded via
“When possible, the AEB’s Egg Nutrition Center will also present to and connect with students, educators and school nutrition professionals to highlight how eggs can play a role within healthy diets,” adds Alonzo, noting AEB’s available lesson plans adhere to national standards.
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