The Cobb technical team in Russia spent three days with one of Europe’s leading hatching egg suppliers, Wimex, and its subsidiary Cobb Germany to exchange information on managing parent stock.

Irina Khamatshina, Cobb senior technical manager in Russia, said, "Having mutual customers in Russia makes it easier to understand how management tools like feed, ventilation and bodyweight control can vary in different regions, but the basics of managing the Cobb parent stock are the same everywhere.”


The Russian team saw all the stages from rearing to production on farms that were able to reach 90.1 percent average hatchability with the Cobb500 last year. “With these management tips, we’ll try to improve even further the already excellent Russian production results,” she added.

Patrick van Trijp, accounts manager of Cobb, said, “This visit shows the commitment from all parties to make the breed more successful for our customers in Russia. Wimex exports millions of hatching eggs to the Russian Federation each year, making the Cobb500 the market leader in Russia.”