Eurogan—with operations in Spain, India, Russia, China, Mexico, and South America—has announced its expansion to the U.S. with manufacturing and office locations in Orlando, Fla., and sales and distribution offices in Ames, Iowa.

A 50-year-old Spanish livestock manufacturing company, Eurogan is a global leader in the development of turnkey projects for poultry and swine farms. The company combines the human capital of its engineers and agricultural technical staff to deploy advanced technologies, which create the optimal growing conditions for poultry and pigs. Equipment products range from those needed in feed mills to pig gestation, farrowing and nursery farms to meat processing facilities.


The company's expansion into the U.S. will allow North American consumers access to equipment that has been developed and tested worldwide. Today's swine and poultry producers are seeking equipment that combines the highest efficiencies with considerations for animal well-being, which are fully integrated into every aspect of the product lines.

Eurogan-USA provides U.S.-built and manufactured products to all types of customers from large operations to small farms. Manufacturing in the U.S. allows the company to keep costs down, making its products more affordable for customers and providing a boost to local economies.