Cobb Russia has supplied Cobb genetics for the first time into the Republic of Tajikistan. The first batch of more than 3,500 Cobb500 female and 500 males were flown by Tajik Air and delivered to the company Rakhmonchon. 

Mashokir Nazarov, general director of Tadzhik Ptitseprom, an enteprise of the Ministry of Agriculture, called the delivery an historic moment in the country’s agriculture. 

"This is the first batch of Cobb breeding stock imported into Tajikistan,” he said. “We have high hopes for joint cooperation and increasing the volume of breeding poultry in our country.”


He said that for several reasons the production on a number of poultry farms had decreased markedly last year – with output totaling more than 357 million eggs and 2,200 tonnes of chicken meat. However, this year it is planned to produce 400 million eggs and 3,200 tonnes of chicken meat.

Valery Alekseev, Cobb senior technical service manager in Russia, added, “As a world leader with excellent breeder and broiler results, it is very important for Cobb to be present in Tajikistan. This is an important step for both Cobb and the Tajikistan poultry sector.”

Chief academic secretary of TAAS, Professor Komilzoda Davlatdzhon Kayumi, expressed his appreciation and great expectations for the expansion of poultry meat production in Tajikistan.