Hybrid Turkeys has plans for ongoing and future investments in the U.S. turkey industry, including two new hatcheries, new egg production farms, new contract partners, state-of-the-art transportation, and the skilled workforce needed to support these areas of operations.

“Our business is focused creating value for customers and built on strong partnerships in the industry.  As the demands of the modern consumer evolve, the stresses on a collaborative supply chain for the turkey industry have never been greater. A more transparent food system, with ever reducing use of antibiotics, means that the responsible production of high quality day old turkey poults is critical.” Dave Libertini, managing director, Hybrid Turkeys, said in a press release.

The decision for Hendrix Genetics, parent of Hybrid Turkeys, does not come lightly.  This move represents a significant investment of financial capital and human resources in a market long overdue for this type of upgrade, the company stated. 


“We are committed to delivering the quality poults that Hybrid customers are looking for.  We explored many options and have decided that making an investment in new, state of the art facilities is the only way we can satisfy our client’s demands.” said Peter Gruhl, general manager, Hybrid USA.

This move comes after an announcement in January 2015, in which Hybrid and Ag Forte entered into a commercial egg and poult supply agreement.  In November 2016, Hybrid served notice that it would not seek to renew this arrangement beginning in January 2019.  Hybrid will continue to supply breeding and commercial stock to the U.S. market, and with access to a global supply chain, expects no interruption in supply for its clients.    

Hybrid is the turkey genetics brand of Hendrix Genetics, the global leader in turkey genetics with breeding and distribution activities around the world. Based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, and privately held, Hendrix Genetics has operations in 24 countries around the world with activities in layer, turkey, swine, traditional poultry and aquaculture breeding.