Restaurant Brands International (RBI) and Compass Group Canada have agreed to adopt Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards for their broiler supplies by 2024.

Restaurant Brands International

RBI is the parent company of restaurant chains Burger King and Tim Hortons. Compass Group Canada is a leading foodservice provider in the country.

According to RBI’s Responsible Sourcing Commitments page on its website, the company will transition all of its broilers for its U.S. and Canadian restaurants to meet the following criteria:

  • Transition to using breeds determined to have better welfare outcomes
  • Provide more space by reducing maximum stocking density, per GAP Standards
  • Enhance living environments including litter quality, lighting and enrichments, per GAP Standards
  • Utilize a multi-step controlled-atmosphere stunning system

RBI intends to expand its presence in North America with the proposed acquisition of chicken restaurant chain Popeyes. That acquisition is expected to close by early April.


The company had previously committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs in its U.S. and Canada supply chain, as well as phase out the use of antibiotics also used in human medicine in its broiler supply.

Compass Group Canada

Compass Group has agreed to adopt the same set of GAP standards, according to a press release from animal rights group Mercy For Animals. It will also adopt those standards by 2024.

Compass Group USA had previously announced it would transition its U.S. broiler supply to meet GAP standards, also by 2024. That announcement was made in November 2016.