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Tyson Foods says it is exploring the possibility of including whole canola in its poultry rations.

Previously, Tyson has used canola meal, but never the whole seed.

Like soybeans, canola seeds are processed into oil and protein-containing meal that is used in livestock feed. And, also like soybeans, how it is processed determines the quality of the ingredients.

Linda Althuisius, merchandiser for alternative ingredients at Tyson Foods, said her nutritionist wants to start including canola seed in Tyson’s feed mills.

“We are definitely looking at the possibility,” Althuisius said in a report. “We have never used whole canola before so it will be baby steps for us to get started.”

The company still needs to determine where it will take delivery, how much it will pay for canola, and how it will work in its poultry rations.

“The idea is brand new and it is an alternative ingredient for us, and it will have to compete for storage space inside the feed mill,” Althuisius said.

In 2015, Tyson reported it had 32 feed mills producing 10 million metric tons of compound feed for poultry, ruminants and pigs.

Tyson Foods considers using whole canola seeds in poultry ration

Canola growers in Kansas and Oklahoma might have a new outlet for their crop this year. Tyson Foods in Springdale, Arkansas, is serious about adding whole canola to their poultry rations. 'We are definitely looking at the possibility,' Linda Althuisius, merchandiser for alternative ingredients at Tyson Foods, said.

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