Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad hosted a symposium during the 2017 Midwest Poultry in Minneapolis. The company facilitated a discussion among industry leaders on addressing current poultry production challenges, including the best way to tackle the new Veterinary Feed Directive and raising poultry without antibiotics.

Representatives from the top poultry and feed producers attended the event. Participating were staff from the top two turkey producers, with a combined volume of over 2.5 billion pounds of turkey meat a year; the top three broiler producers, responsible for over 35 million birds processed a week; and the largest brand in the U.S. egg industry.

Senior management from the companies said they valued the input on the topics discussed and the opportunity to interact with industry colleagues. Discussions included reports from safety studies (GRAS) on feed additive products such as Nutriad’s precision delivery coated Sodium Butyrate (ULTRAMIX).


The meeting covered nutritional directions, presented by Jim Plyler; a discussion on the veterinarian view on the VFD, presented by Dr. Eric Gonder; and the market approach of feed additives suppliers, covered by Dr. Haitham Yakout.

During a panel discussion, led by Dr. Simon Shane, the attendees were given the opportunity for further interaction, which generated interesting ideas based on information shared by technical industry leaders.

Both attendees and Nutriad indicated they are looking forward to the next symposium during Midwest Poultry in 2018. The meeting provides the opportunity to support the poultry industry in reaching even higher goals and improving on ways to meet consumers’ expectations.