The pressure on the use of AGPs in Asia has gained momentum since the Korean ban in 2011. At the recent VIV Asia in Bangkok, multinational feed additives producer Nutriad, presented solutions for reduction of antibiotics usage in livestock production.

This year’s VIV had a record attendance and served as an excellent platform for sharing insights on how feed additives can help the reduction of non-therapeutic use of antibiotics.

The technical conference Immunosuppression 2017 took place before the opening day of VIV Asi. During the meeting, Dr. Radka Borutova, Business Development Manager at Nutriad, presented on Mycotoxins: A gateway to infectious diseases. Consumption of some mycotoxins, at levels that do not cause overt clinical mycotoxicosis, suppress immune functions and may decrease resistance to infectious disease. As Asia Pacific countries are still importing most of their raw feed ingredients, and since the mycotoxin situation in Europe and the U.S. seem to be quite serious, APAC poultry, swine, ruminants and aquaculture producers are exposed to an increased mycotoxin risk in 2017.


On the final day of VIV Asia, Dr. Tim Goossens, Business Development Manager at Nutriad, presented a talk on the challenges that producers of gut health promoting additives are facing. He said, “By now it is clear that many active ingredients can be linked to gut health. But to develop a product that is just as robust as AGPs, their potential needs to be maximized.” Dr. Goossens talked about butyrate as an example: “Butyrate has the potential to trigger several physiological responses that are beneficial for gut health and performance. That potential will only be met, if you invest in a coating that is able to deliver butyrate throughout the entire digestive tract, like Nutriad does with ADIMIX Precision.”

Erik Visser, CEO Nutriad, concluded, “Pressure from government regulation and consumers will shape the demands on livestock and aquaculture producers in Asia as far as antibiotics usage is concerned, just as we are seeing and have seen in other parts of the world. With a proven track record of additive solutions across the world, Nutriad is well positioned to work alongside producers to define answers for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Feedback from industry at the recent VIV once more showed how our collaborative approach to the market is appreciated and valued.”