Gary Sansom, executive officer of the Australian Chicken Growers Council (ACGC) and president of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF), has died.

Sansom first became involved in the poultry industry in 1980 when he and his wife, Julie, established a contract breeding farm in Queensland. It didn’t take him very long for him to get more involved as an industry leader. In 1985, he became the vice president of the Queensland Chicken Growers’ Association (QCGA). Six years later, he became president of the QCGA and a councillor of the ACGC.

He was named ACGC president in 1988 and was named its executive officer in 2002. While serving in that role, he remained QCGC president and was the president of the ACMF from 2009 to 2013, and again from 2015 until the time of his death.


According to the ACMF, Sansom championed several key communication and training initiatives that were very important to the industry.

"Gary’s greatest strengths were his ability to work with all sections of the poultry industry to achieve meaningful outcomes for the industry more broadly, and his ability to always see the bigger industry picture. He was always recognized to have the best interests of the industry more broadly at heart in all areas in which he acted on industry’s behalf. These qualities won him the respect of all sectors of the industry,” ACMF stated.