Effective immediately, the marketing and distribution of H&N commercial egg layer varieties in the United States will be undertaken by H&N North America LLC, which is a newly formed joint venture between H&N International GmbH and Nelson Poultry Farms Inc.

H&N International GmbH and Centurion Poultry, Inc., have come to a mutual agreement to terminate the Distribution Agreement for H&N Nick Chick for the U.S. market.

H&N North America LLC, will be based in Manhattan, Kans. Jim Cook and Claude Leroux will continue to be the sales and service representatives for H&N products by transferring from Centurion to the new company. This new joint venture with Nelson Poultry Farms will continue to build on the impressive growth of sales of H&N layers in the United States.


H&N International GmbH is a leading layer primary breeder headquartered in Germany and is a subsidiary of EW Group GmbH.

Centurion Poultry, based in Lexington, Ga., has been in the layer hatchery business in the U.S. for over 25 years. After exiting the marketing of H&N products in the U.S., it will continue marketing Tetra brand of layers in collaboration with its subsidiary Tetra Americana LLC.

Nelson Poultry Farms Inc. based in Manhattan, Kans., is an established chick and pullet business with a long, successful association with H&N layer varieties.