From WATTAgNet:

Bad boar semen allegedly cost productivity at eleven pig breeding farms in Manitoba, Canada and those breeders have filed suit against Carlo Genetics Inc. to recoup their losses, reported the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).  On March 24, the plaintiffs filed suit for nearly CAD2 million to cover losses related to low sow birthing rates, management costs resulting from smaller herds, diagnostics to determine the fertility issue and the price of the semen itself.

The allegedly bad semen may have failed because of a defective chemical meant to extend the shelf-life of the semen, reported CBC. That extender was produced by PIC-Canasa Ltd., which is also being sued by the 11 pig breeders.

Maple Lead Foods files suit

Maple Leaf Foods followed suite with their own law suit on March 31 against Carlo Genetics and another extender provider, MOFA Global Inc, reported CBC. Maple Leaf claimed CAD600,000 in losses related to the failed semen.


12 Manitoba pork companies suing over bad boar semen

A group of Manitoba pig breeders say they were sold bad semen by a company in the province and are suing for nearly $2 million. In a statement of claim filed on March 24, 11 companies - all plaintiffs in the suit - say they bought boar semen from Carlo Genetics Inc.

As a result, the companies say the birthing rates of their sows dropped significantly, costing them a total of $1.9 million for lost production, the expenses of managing a smaller herd and of the semen itself, plus money spent on figuring out why sows weren't as productive.