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on April 14, 2017

Tyson partners with Army in effort to employ veterans

Tyson Foods becomes 82nd Fortune 500 company to participate in U.S. Army program

From WATTAgNet:

Tyson Foods has entered into a partnership with the United States Army in an effort to employ more soldiers as they transition into civilian life.

The diversified meat, poultry and food company has agreed to participate in the U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) , which guarantees soldiers a job interview and possible employment after their service in the military is over.

Antonio Johnson, marketing analyst for the U.S. Army, told 5 News that the transition from military to civilian life can be difficult, and programs such as this one are very valuable.

The Army’s PaYS program has more than 600 partners, with Tyson Foods, the largest broiler company in the United States, becoming the 82nd Fortune 500 company to join.

Tyson Foods Signs Partnership With U.S. Army To Help Soldiers Transitioning Out Of Army

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Tyson Foods has made a promise to give soldiers a chance at a job as they transition out of military life.

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Tyson Foods Partners with U.S. Army to Hire More Veterans

SPRINGDALE, Ark.- - Tyson Foods is making an effort to hire more veterans.

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