Urganch Parranda Invest has commissioned a fully integrated hatchery from Pas Reform for its new, state-of-the-art turnkey hatchery project in Uzbekistan. The hatchery, only the second in the country to adopt single-stage technologies, will process approximately 3M hatching eggs per year.

The new complex will incorporate four SmartSetPro single-stage setters, each with a capacity of 38,400 hatching eggs, and two SmartHatchPro hatchers. The hatchers will be equipped with SmartWatch, which uses CO2-sensitive automation monitors to optimize the hatch window for every cycle.

Pas Reform, who will manage the project from planning through to final construction, has also been contracted to supply and install climate control and hatchery automation systems. Pas Reform Academy will provide technical support and training once the installation is complete.


Urganch Parranda Invest’s new facility, which includes 11 modern, floor-managed poultry houses as well as a feed mill and refrigeration units, has been constructed on an existing hatchery site in the Urgench district, Khorezemskaya region.

“We found that Pas Reform not only delivered a complete solution in their incubation systems, but they could also offer full project management experience to support the new development from planning to completion,” says Maxsuda Abdullaeva, Urganch Parranda Invest general director. “This was a key factor in our decision-making, because we are using the construction of an existing hatchery and need this level of support to ensure that we maintain a bio-secure workflow in the new facility.”

Michael Kampschoer, Pas Reform’s sales director, says, “This is a very exciting project for us all, and we look forward to supporting Urganch Parranda Invest to help realize the company’s ambitious plans for the future in a growing poultry industry.”