In an effort to provide support for ranchers who suffered severe financial and livestock losses in recent fires in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado, Westway Feed Products has made donations to several organizations. Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation and Kansas Livestock Foundation will each receive a donation from Westway to support their direct efforts to aid cattle producers.

“We wanted to donate to support cattle producers in the devastated areas. These organizations have channels to provide funds directly to producers who are the most in need. We recognize the emotional, financial and lifelong tolls these fires have caused, and this is our way to offer support for ranchers,” commented Westway’s President Steve Boehmer. 


The employees and management team at Westway Feed Products are committed to helping ranchers across the country to remain in business for the long term. As a follow-up to these financial donations, Westway will provide donations of tub supplements later this year as forage and hay supplies stabilize. This coordinated effort is directed to encourage best use of both the tub supplements and forage resources.