Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, has attained its first product registration in the Indian state of Karnataka. The company has registered Grain-Set IN, a micronutrient fertilizer based on amino acid and fermentation technology, for use on grain crops in the region.

Aman Sayed, Alltech’s director of India and South Asia, expects Grain-Set IN to be welcomed as a natural alternative to traditional fertilizers. Grain-Set IN will support Karnataka growers in the challenges they face with soil fertility and micronutrient depletion.

“It is great to have the first registration for Alltech Crop Science in India,” said Sayed. “This is just the beginning for Alltech and for our plans to support the increasing sustainability of Indian agronomy. We look forward to helping the farming community in achieving the targeted growth rate set forth by the Ministry of Agriculture, by enhancing agriculture production and productivity.”

The Grain-Set IN registration comes in the wake of government programs, such as the Soil Health Mission, that incentivize growers to use management practices that include soil testing and to use the results from testing to treat their crops more efficiently.