Richard van Wijnbergen has retired as Chairman of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of Hendrix Genetics. He is being succeeded by Aalt Dijkhuizen, member of the board since 2007. Van Wijnbergen’s ten years of leadership has contributed to Hendrix Genetics’ current market position. Under his inspiring chairmanship, Hendrix Genetics has grown into a global leader in multi-species animal genetics and research.

Thijs Hendrix, Président of Hendrix Genetics, said, “We are thankful to Richard for his advice over the past ten years and for his contribution to the success of our company. We wish him well for the future.”


A long-time member of the IAB, Dijkhuizen has extensive knowledge in agriculture, research and business processes. As van Wijnbergen’s successor, he will work with the other members of the IAB: Johan Terpstra, on behalf of shareholder NPM Capital N.V., and Cyril Melin, on behalf of shareholder Sofiprotéol S.A. The board will continue to provide guidance and support to the company’s Executive Board and Management Committee.