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Barbados landfill turkey
Authorities in Barbados are investigating a case where turkey wings have been stolen from a landfill and are possibly being sold for human consumption. | hroephoto, Bigstock
on April 28, 2017

Turkey stolen from Barbados landfill sparks safety fears

Turkey wings already deemed unfit for human consumption is possibly being sold to unsuspecting buyers

From WATTAgNet:

Authorities in Barbados are concerned that turkey wings stolen from a St. Thomas landfill are possibly being sold for consumption.

According to a report from St. Lucia Times, several cases of turkey wings from a contaminated shipment were recently dumped at the Mangrove Landfill in St. Thomas, have been removed from the landfill. The wings were initially deemed unfit for human consumption, and the wings are likely even more of a food safety risk after being in the landfill, Acting Chief Medical Officer Anton Best said.

Consumers are being warned of the situation, which is under investigation.

The food safety scare is bad news for the Barbados poultry industry, which in 2015 reported some positive news. James Paul, the CEO of the Barbados Agricultural Society, noted at the time, the industry was on the reboud. For the first time in history, more than a million broiler chicks were placed in a month and output had been increasing.

Dumped poultry stolen from Barbados landfill

Dumped poultry  stolen from a landfill in Barbados prompted a warning Wednesday from health authorities for citizens to be on the look out for contaminated turkey wings.

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