Subway and Ruby Tuesday became the latest U.S.-based restaurants to commit to sourcing only slower-growing broiler chickens that are raised according to Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards.

Both companies, on their webpages, announced their plans to make the transition, and in both cases, the restaurant chains intend to complete the transition by 2024.

GAP standards call for the following criteria:

  • Using broiler breeds scientifically proven to have markedly improved welfare outcomes
  • Providing chickens with more space (maximum stocking density of 6 lbs./sq. ft.) and improved environments, including lighting, litter and enrichments
  • Eliminating live shackling and dumping and ensuring birds are rendered unconscious through multistep controlled atmospheric stunning, which is universally considered more humane, prior to slaughter

To date, all U.S. companies pledging to transition its broiler supply to meet GAP standards have announced 2024 as their target date for completion. An infographic that includes companies to previously commit to GAP standards appears on WATTAgNet. The infographic will be regularly updated to include new company pledges.


Other Subway, Ruby Tuesday supply chain commitments

Subway and Ruby Tuesday both have a history of following supply chain trends.

Subway, in October 2015, announced that it would its entire chicken, turkey, beef and pork supply would come from farms that raise their animals without the use of antibiotics. The transition is still taking place for its turkey, pork and beef supplies, but the target date set for chicken was before the end of 2016.

Subway has also committed to source only cage-free eggs, with plans to fulfill that commitment by 2025.

Ruby Tuesday currently sources all of its shell eggs from cage-free eggs and is progressing with its plans to source all of its egg products from cage-free operations by 2025.