Smithfield Foods released the first section of its 2016 Sustainability Report, providing information about its animal care initiatives and practices. A key highlight of the animal care section is Smithfield’s 87 percent progress toward converting all pregnant sows to group housing systems on company-owned farms by the end of 2017.

“Customers and consumers are increasingly interested in the living conditions, care and respect of farm animals, and we are proud to proactively implement policies and practices that address their concerns,” said Stewart Leeth, vice president of regulatory affairs and chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods. “As just one example, more than 70 of the largest US retailers and foodservice companies have announced commitments to source pork from producers utilizing group housing systems for pregnant sows.”

Highlights from Smithfield’s sustainability report

The report provides in-depth information about Smithfield’s specific actions in the area of animal care. According to the report, Smithfield is the:

• First to commit to providing group housing for pregnant sows on company-owned farms worldwide.

• First and only company in the industry to report antibiotics usage (since 2007).


• First pork producer to develop and implement a comprehensive, systematic animal welfare management program.

In addition to information about these topics, the report also includes case studies about animal care research, a glossary of animal-care industry terms, results of internal animal care audits and other information.

“As the world’s largest hog producer, we have a unique position and responsibility to lead our industry in animal care," said Kenneth M. Sullivan, president and chief executive officer for Smithfield Foods.

More sustainability information from Smithfield

Starting with its animal care section, Smithfield will issue its 16th annual report in segments each week throughout the month of May.

Smithfield will issue its annual sustainability report in segments organized by each pillar of its comprehensive program. The goal of the multiphase release is to better engage a broad range of stakeholders by delivering information in a more accessible way. Following the Animal Care section, Smithfield will publish its Environment, Food Safety and Quality, Helping Communities, and People segments in succession.