From WATTAgNet:

Authorities in Albania have blocked 26 metric tons of poultry from Brazil, as it was discovered to contain high levels of Salmonella.

The poultry products arrived at Albania’s Durres port, The Food National Authority stated.

According to an Associated Press story in the Washington Post, the poultry was imported from a local company, which is under investigation.

Meat and poultry exported from Brazil had been heavily scrutinized in recent weeks, after Operation Weak Flesh took place. In operation Weak Flesh, Brazilian meat and poultry facilities were accused of:

  • Masking spoiled meat smells with higher-than-allowed quantities of acid,
  • Repackaging expired products,
  • Exporting Salmonella-infected meat and
  • Using pig heads and other sub-standard ingredients.

Companies identified in Operation Weak Flesh have maintained their innocence.

Brazil is a leading exporter of pork and poultry to Albania.

Albania blocks 26 tons of bad poultry imported from Brazil

TIRANA, Albania — Albanian authorities say they have blocked 26 metric tons of poultry imported from Brazil because it was found to contain high levels of salmonella. A statement Monday of the Food National Authority said the poultry had arrived at the Durres port some days ago. It was imported from a local company which is under investigation, it added.

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