Two years ago, Keyes Fibre, a wholly owned subsidiary of Keyes Packaging Group, set a mandate to achieve SQF certification in support of their customers’ growing food safety needs and to further differentiate themselves from the competition by being the FIRST in the molded fiber industry to do so. "Mission accomplished!" said a company spokesperson. Keyes Fibre CEO Ted Kozikowski explained, “We embarked on the certification process to support our customer’s own SQF efforts and strengthen our existing partnerships. As The Original Green Company, SQF certification supplements our focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability. It was a logical next step to our AIB audit and inspection program.” 

Keyes Packaging customers were asking for a more globally recognized certification program, as they themselves had been under increasing federal regulations and consumer food safety scrutinization. The certification process included significant capital expenditures. Additionally, the company enhanced final product traceability, raw material tracking and developed multiple systematic process improvements. Employees, including United Steel Workers Union Local 784, underwent rigorous preparations, pre-auditing and numerous training programs leading up to the final certification audit in March.

The proactive measures undertaken by Keyes should serve to reinforce the confidence and loyalty already held by many of their customers. Keyes Packaging believes that SQF certification helps protect customer brands by focusing on hazard analysis, risk assessment and proactive prevention strategies. The SQF certification program provides buyers a reliable online listing of suppliers’ audit results and certification status.