Neovia is launching a new project called the "Farm of the Future,” an innovative and social project. Solutions will be implemented before 2020.

The objective is to meet the challenge of feeding the world and collaborating with stakeholders to develop a new sustainable way of livestock farming. The program will involve and capitalize on innovators, livestock farmers and consumers. To accelerate implementation, Neovia wants to identify technological, academic, and strategic partners.

Neovia places modernization at the core of its strategy. “Constant investment in innovation must now be coupled with more technological experimentation based on new tools and approaches,” said a company spokesperson. “It must also be fully connected to new societal challenges to place livestock farmers and consumers at the heart of our approach.”

Putting the common good before business

The Neovia-inspired project combines performance and responsibility, relying on modelling, data use, state-of-the-art technology, societal influences and networking. The project will initially be based around a connected experimental farm that will be built near Vannes, France, on the site of Neovia's world head office.

Using the most advanced technologies in a redesigned working environment, the project will focus on swine, poultry and ruminants. The Farm of the Future will be the hub of a national and international (Brazilian and Asian) collaboration. Success will depend on the participation of Neovia's world network, an ecosystem of private and public farms and stakeholders.


Partnerships will include technological companies, start-ups, etc.; academic experts, research institutes and colleges; and input from customers and cooperative sources. Research will provide real answers to the economic and social challenges of the food processing industry. Studies will focus on answering questions like these: How to achieve balance between farmers and consumer expectations? How can data processing and analysis tools be utilized for more precise, efficient management of livestock? How do farmers better integrate sustainable growth and optimize resources?

Call for solutions

The company aims to recruit companies, start-ups, research groups and individuals interested in proposing precise, sustainable solutions. Those interested in contributing to related cross-cutting themes may apply concepts such as a "showroom" dimension and interactions with consumers —tours, scenography, architectural ideas, home automation, activities and more.

Short-listed candidates will present their proposals to a panel of Neovia experts, renowned scientists and qualified sociologists. Winners will achieve high visibility; the opportunity to present their solutions to Neovia's customers; and even equip the Farm of the Future.

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