Consumer demand is having significant impact on the way poultry is produced. Up to 40% of broilers are now reared for 8-9 weeks, as producers respond to evolving consumer demand for more taste from ethically reared birds or new cooked lifestyle products.

Ceva was recently granted new claims in Europe to use Cevac Ibird & Cevac Mass L in combination—the first program of its kind—which offers 9 weeks’ duration of immunity.

Combined vaccination will also simplify programming for layer pullets with less revaccination required during rearing. Safe, repeated use during laying period claim of Cevac IBird is matching to practice vaccinating layers in lay to lower drop in egg production and improve eggshell quality.

A further benefit is that this new generation of vaccines reduces the virus load in the trachea.

Dr. Pascal Paulet, Head of Poultry marketing, pointed out a unique claim that underpins Ceva’s central Vaccinology message. He said, “Achieving simple disease protection through vaccination is no longer enough, the new standard means that today’s vaccines must also be capable of reducing overall disease pressure by minimizing circulation of field viruses.”