Cloverleaf Cold Storage has completed work on phase 2 of a major addition to its flagship Sioux City, Iowa, warehouse and food processing complex. When the final phase is completed in August this year, the building will be the largest public refrigerated warehouse in Iowa.

The 148,000-square-foot project consists of building a 70-foot deep refrigerated loading dock with internally opening access doors to replace the existing dock, constructing holding coolers that service the Farmers Produce processing facility, and adding over 18,000 pallet positions to the warehouse bringing the total capacity to 48,000 pallets.


Company officials have cited the growth of Farmers Produce as a primary impetus behind the decision to invest in the project. This division of Cloverleaf provides value added services to the protein industry such as boxing, tempering in air and water, as well as weight, price, and labeling for point of sale packaging. “Farmers Produce has seen rapid sales growth as packers and further processors have looked to maximize their production capacity by outsourcing processes” said company president William Feiges. “This project demonstrates our commitment to serve the growing Northwest Iowa protein production industry.”