Ron Leonhardt has joined Zinpro Corporation as director of global human resources. As the company’s newest management team member, Leonhardt will participate in executive-level decision-making and lead the human resources department in its endeavors to optimally serve and meet the needs of the organization’s quickly growing global workforce. In addition, he will direct the department to expand initiatives that develop current and future company leaders.

“We want to ensure our key asset – our people – are well served as we expand Zinpro’s global reach,” says Bill Scrimgeour, president and chief operating officer, Zinpro Corporation. “Ron’s extensive global human resources experience will help us to stay ahead of our projections for worldwide growth as we also strive to support and develop our employees.”


Prior to joining Zinpro, Leonhardt served as vice president of global human resources for an international medical company. He had also served as human resource director for two international consulting firms and a major department store chain. Leonhardt earned his bachelor’s degree in international economics from Georgetown University, and his master’s degree in international affairs, international business and finance, from Columbia University.

As the industry leader in trace mineral nutrition for livestock and poultry, Zinpro is committed to delivering the technical expertise, products and educational tools needed to help customers improve the performance and profitability of their operations.