Munters Group (“Munters”), the global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions, has announced the acquisition of Brazilian-based Edata, which specializes in key software for food processing plants, primarily for poultry production.

Edata provides software to keep track of production within food processing plants and is a long-term partner to MTech Systems, the leading supplier of software solutions to the live production industry which was acquired by Munters on Feb. 1.

Edata delivers form-fit solutions for tracking finished products, measuring quality and yield, and for controlling waste in the food production process. Edata’s software will be fully incorporated into MTech’s suite, enabling Munters to integrate data from farms, hatcheries, feed mills in the food producers' production system. Edata had a turnover of approximately $15M SEK (US$1.73M) in 2016 and has 34 employees.


Through the combined expertise and solutions of MTech and Edata, Munters will now be able to provide full control of the food supply chain for poultry, swine and other food production industries. The overall ambition is to optimize the value chain for integrators, distributors and farmers by leveraging technology and control systems to uncover opportunities and increase efficiency through end-to-end data analysis and traceability.

Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, President Business Area AgHort, says, “One of seven meals globally originates from installations where Munters provides climate control. There is a strong demand in the food processing industry for seamless solutions ‘from feed to fork.’” He adds, “Combining Munters’ climate control systems on farms and in factories with MTech’s planning and optimization software and Edata’s production tracking software will take us a long way towards this goal.”

Edata founder Edgard Trevisan says, “Edata is excited to join the Munters family and play a key role in delivering powerful solutions addressing the world’s biggest challenges to efficient food production.”