Aviagen, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, has appointed Claudio Ambrogio as its business manager for the Rowan Range portfolio of slower-growing products in Europe, effective July 1. 

In this new role, Ambrogio will develop and coordinate sales, marketing and production strategies for the Rowan Range, reporting directly to Aviagen’s European President Patrick Claeys. Alongside his new responsibilities, he will remain as general manager of Aviagen Italia, continuing to strengthen and promote the conventional Ross 308 and Ross 708 birds, which are well established in Italy and throughout Europe.

The Rowan Range portfolio offers a variety of products well-suited to the needs of select niche or emerging markets, including the slower-growing, free-range and organic segments, which are experiencing an increase in popularity throughout Europe. Products within the range offer exceptional health and welfare characteristics, while also offering excellent performance for meat production.

The Rowan Range is part of Aviagen’s diverse product offering, which provides a range of products that offer the best combination of welfare and sustainability in each segment of the broiler market. Aviagen has invested heavily in resources to effectively address the slower-growing sector and Ambrogio’s appointment has sharpened this focus even further.

Coming from an extensive farming background, Ambrogio joined Ross Breeders Ltd. in 1991 as technical manager for Italy, while also serving in France and Turkey as a Ross specialist. He was appointed general manager of Aviagen Italia in 2007, and also worked as general manager for Hy-Line Italia, a poultry layer breeding company. He will complete his responsibilities for Hy-Line at the end of June before beginning his new role with the Rowan Range brand.