Aviagen’s commitment to “training the trainer” was demonstrated recently at the biennial Middle East and Africa (MEA) Laboratory Training, held at Aviagen Anadolu’s state-of-the-art veterinary laboratory in Ankara, Turkey. Ross customers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Libya attended the event to enhance their knowledge of best-practice flock monitoring.

In line with Aviagen’s “global reach, local touch” principles, attendees were provided with an ideal environment to refine and test practical flock sampling procedures and bacteriology, serology and real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) techniques. They also discussed diagnostic case studies and received expert opinions from presenters including Mehmet Uvey, Aviagen Anadolu laboratory director; Pavel Shkarlat, regional veterinarian; and Luuk Stooker, senior product manager at BioChek.


Shkarlat said, “We were delighted to welcome our MEA customers to the ISO-accredited Aviagen Anadolu lab and would like to thank Mehmet and his colleagues for their excellent teaching and assistance. Our veterinary team is committed to passing on knowledge and the lab provided the ideal facility to do this. The quality of Aviagen products supplied by regional distributors is always a top priority and we want to make sure that the best possible laboratory diagnostics are provided to our customers to equip them with tools for monitoring and quality assurance.”

One of the attendees, Jeyaprakash Thakku Krishnamoorthy, Pure Breed Poultry Company, Saudi Arabia, said, “Having the opportunity to learn and work in a laboratory with such modern techniques was a wonderful experience. The one-to-one training has shown me how to enhance support of flock health and the important part it plays in the quality assurance process.”