The 2017 Cobb Hatchery Conference held in Memphis, Tenn., provided an opportunity to network, share and learn about best practices and overcoming challenges that everyone faces in the hatchery.

“This has become a must-attend event for key stakeholders in hatcheries in the USA, Canada and Latin America,” said Ben Green, Hatchery Specialist, Cobb World Technical Support Team. 

“This event is special because it gathers people from such a diverse region to discuss important topics and current issues in the hatchery, as well as ask questions to leading experts from across the industry. Technical support is something we at Cobb place great importance on, and this conference allows us to support these hatchery managers with the knowledge and information they need and seek.” 

Overall, 115 attendees and 11 sponsors took part in the two-day event, where topics ranged from embryonic mortality during the early days of incubation to the first seven days in the broiler house, and from egg fumigation to in ovo vaccination.

The sponsors include NatureForm/Pas Reform, Zoetis, Incubations Systems Inc., MWI Animal Health, ClearView Enterprises, Chickmaster, Jamesway, Hatchery Planning Company, Smithway, Merck and Elanco.