Since May of this year, there have been 45 porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) cases confirmed in Manitoba, Canada, according to the Manitoba government website. Prior to May there had only been 10 cases since 2014.

“As of July 4, 2017, nine of the 53 premises in Manitoba previously confirmed to have PED, are now determined to be PED Presumptive Negative following a negative status protocol developed by the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) and Manitoba's swine veterinarians," according to the website.

So far, officials confirmed PEDV on 19 sow operations, nine nurseries and 17 feeder operations. Before a June 30 outbreak, in 2017 alone PEDV in Manitoba was effecting over 54,000 sows, 126,000 nursery spaces and just over 99,000 feeder spaces, according to the the Manitoba Pork Council.


Officials react to PEDV outbreak

Manitoba's Office of the Chief Veterinarian is working with Manitoba Pork to provide direction and increase biosecurity. A veterinarian should be contacted right away if a producer feels they may have signs of PEDV on their operation.

Manitoba Coordinated Disease Response (MCDR) plan has been put in place by Manitoba Pork, which is pushing producers to increase plans for secure controlled access zones and restricted access zones to prevent the further spreading of PEDV. It is being requested of producers to ensure that all staff, maintenance workers and visitor of any production sites are aware of how to maintain these zones using proper gear and sterilization processes. 

Officials beleive that if producers follow these risk management systems it should help with the spreading of the virus. The MCDR coordinator is also sending out updates when infected locations are recognized.