BRF has made changes to its organization structure, following a recent meeting of its board of directors.

According to an announcement to the market on the BRF website, the objective of the changes is to standardize and centralize business processes in order to maintain an efficient and stable organization, and to ensure the effective functioning of a global organization.

Vice presidencies

The company will now have 14 vice presidents, each of which will have a global vision of the Brazil-based business. The vice presidents will report to company CEO Pedro de Andrade Faria.


Changes to trading activities model

In addition, the model of trading activities has been enhanced. The management of international markets previously divided into Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa will be now conducted under a single trading block named "International". The activities of this trading bloc will be under the command of Simon Cheng, the executive who led the company‘s activities in Asia in recent years.

The following blocks will complete the logics of the trading activities: "Brazil", which was already being managed by Alexandre Almeida, executive that was recently integrated to BRF; "OneFoods", which covers the business of BRF’s subsidiary dedicated to the Muslim market and will continue under the management of Patricio Rohner, executive in charge of such a market for more than 20 years; and "Southern Cone", which will gather the markets of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay and be under the supervision of Jorge Lima, executive who leads the activities of the BRF in the same region since 2016.