After a year of growth in 2016, chicken purchases in United States supermarkets and food service establishments remained high, but returned to 2015 levels during the first part of 2017, according to a recent survey that asked U.S. consumers to recall their recent chicken purchases.

The dip is indicative of a decline in supermarket purchases reported by millennials and Generation X members, as well as lower food service consumption reported by Baby Boomers and Generation X members.

The survey, which is based on chicken consumers’ self-reported behavior, was released at the Chicken Marketing Summit, on July 18 in Asheville, North Carolina. 

WATT Global Media partnered with ORC International, on behalf of the National Chicken Council, to identify consumer trends related to the consumption of chicken that can be used by leading U.S. poultry producers in their marketing efforts. Elanco was the primary sponsor for the survey.

A total of 1,013 people were surveyed between June 5 and June 8.


The survey showed that 84 percent of survey respondents said they had eaten a chicken meal or snack from a supermarket within the past two weeks, down three percent from 2016 and down 1 percent from 1985. The average number of times they recalled eating chicken over that same two week period also dropped from 2016 levels, but was up from 2015 levels, the survey showed.

The amount of respondents that stated they had eaten chicken at a food service establishment during the past two weeks dropped 5 percent from the previous year, but the number of times chicken was eaten at food service establishments during the two-week period remained on par with 2016 levels.

More details of the survey can be found in the infographic below.

Chicken Marketing Summit 2018

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Chicken consumption survey results

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