Aviagen is pleased to announce that its slower-growing breeds, the Ranger Gold and the Rambler Ranger have been approved for use under the Better Life certification scheme for broilers (Beter Leven keurmerk) in the Netherlands. This latest achievement means there are now three breeds from the company’s Rowan Range portfolio which are recognized under the Better Life Star System, as the Rowan Ranger achieved the same certification in 2012.  
The 1, 2 or 3 Star System was developed by the Dutch Animal Welfare Association, Dierenbescherming to improve the welfare of animals by setting minimum quality standards in the Better Life trademark. Following their acceptance into this system, the Ranger Gold and the Rambler Ranger will be added to the list of approved breeds for broilers alongside the Rowan Ranger.
As part of the certification process, the two products underwent a comprehensive performance and welfare assessment including auditing by Wageningen University and Research Centre.
Suitable for indoor, organic and free range production, the Ranger Gold offers a feather-sexable broiler with excellent feed conversion and meat yield as well as superior welfare traits. The Rambler Ranger produces a traditional broiler which can be grown to a higher age with competitive meat yield and exceptional health and fitness. The Rambler Ranger is suitable for organic and free range production.
 “The core objective of Aviagen’s slower-growing portfolio is to enhance the welfare benefits of the birds at the same time as delivering strong advantages for feed efficiency and meat yield within this sector. We have been working with Dierenbescherming for several years and are delighted to further enhance our Better Life Star Status. This is a very important and positive step for Aviagen as consumer interest in this niche market segment continues to grow,” said Aviagen Ltd General Manager, Magnus Swalander.
“The Dierenbescherming is pleased with the introduction of two new slower-growing broiler breeds by Aviagen to the Dutch market. On the basis of our welfare assessment, we can now confirm that the Ranger Gold and the Rambler Ranger are approved to be used in the certification scheme of the Better Life trademark,” said Marijke de Jong-Timmerman, program manager Beter Leven keurmerk.