On July 21, Animine brought together its sales partners in Paris, during its second International Distributors Meeting. This workshop was an opportunity for 30 participants from 15 countries in Europe and Asia, to exchange about the latest experimental results and applications of HiZox and CoRouge.

New results of HiZox were presented, strengthening the interest for poultry of this potentiated source of zinc oxide. Indeed, latest studies from the University of Tehran University (Iran) and from the Southern Poultry Research (USA) showed positive effects of HiZox on broilers under heat stress and on C.perfringens-challenged broilers.

A special focus was on CoRouge, the new source of copper recently approved in the EU and in process of registration in Asian countries. This formulated product contains 75% of copper with high bioavailability and positive effects on animal performance shown in European and US studies.