Robert Riley, Jr., chairman of Feed Energy, recently was presented with the Nature Conservancy International Advocate of the Year award and was inducted into the Iowa Poultry Association Hall of Fame.

A statement released by The Nature Conservancy said: “Riley has been one of the most vocal champions of funding Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy, a conservation trust fund. Devoting 20 to 30 hours a week to supporting the Conservancy’s advocacy efforts, he has opened doors with elected officials and other influential community leaders. He has led numerous coalition-building and strategy conversations.”

“Bob Riley is a tireless advocate for issues he is passionate about, particularly the funding of Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy,” Iowa board chair John Aschenbrenner said. “There have been countless times over the years when our legislative prospects look dim, yet Bob never gives up. He looks for new and creative pathways to move our advocacy forward.”

On July 10th, Iowa Poultry Association President JT Dean announced that Riley was selected as the 2017 Iowa Poultry Association Hall of Fame Inductee.

In announcing the award, Dean said: “Your contributions to Iowa Poultry Association and the entire Iowa poultry industry are well known and appreciated. You have been and remain an innovator, collaborator, and tireless champion for Iowa poultry and all of Iowa agriculture. I call out your most recent contributions as being a strong proponent of our recent strategic planning initiative, creative contributor to our updated membership structure and a continued advocate for Iowa Poultry Association’s growing activity.”

Riley will be presented with Iowa Poultry Association’s highest honor the evening of September 20 during their annual IPA Fall Festival Banquet.

Riley has worked for more than 30 years in the oil processing industry and for the past 20 years has directed the operations of Feed Energy Company as president and CEO. He has a lifelong interest in the environment that has resulted in his extensive involvement in rural development, sustainable agriculture, and land use. He serves on several local and state agricultural and environmental boards and committees.