The BRF Board of Directors has announced that it is searching for a new global chief executive officer.

The company, in a material fact posted on its website, revealed that the board has given approval to start the succession process of its current global CEO, Pedro de Andrade Faria. He will remain in the leadership position until the end of 2017, and will actively take part in transitioning his successor.

BRF, which ranks among the top five poultry processors and pig producers in the world, stated that it was in the process of recruiting a replacement.

Pedro de Andrade Faria's history with BRF

Faria has been BRF’s global CEO since the beginning of 2015, after he had been selected to succeed Claudio Galeazzi. Prior to being appointed to the global CEO position, Faria was the CEO of the company’s international operations. In that role, he prioritized markets and products with higher profitability, reduced risk of volatility and strengthened the company brands abroad.

He was appointed to that position in 2013.

Faria graduated with a degree in business administration from the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.