From WATTAgNet:

News stories about the Fipronil scandal, broiler welfare issues and business activities of Tyson Foods were well-read during August.

1. Aviagen to acquire Hubbard Breeders

Aviagen has signed an agreement to purchase Hubbard Breeders , the broiler genetics division of Groupe Grimaud.

2. Dutch contaminated eggs crisis escalates

Further investigation of egg contamination in the Netherlands has revealed the issue is both more widespread and serious than first thought, and that farmers were unaware of any risk.  

3. Broiler welfare: 3 slow-growth claims examined

As proponents of new broiler welfare programs continue to push for changes in broiler production techniques and smaller, slower-growing breeds, cases are being made that birds in modern production are not as healthy or mobile as they should be.

4. Broiler welfare: Who is behind Global Animal Partnership?

Foodservice and restaurant companies following the recent trend of adopting broiler welfare standards have typically been pledging to adopt standards set by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) by 2024.

5. Fipronil scandal causes waves outside the Netherlands

Food safety officials in the Netherlands were tipped off that the banned pesticide, Fipronil, was being used on the country’s poultry farms as long ago as November last year, and the company involved was also named.

6. Tyson Foods CEO stresses emphasis on broiler welfare

Tyson Foods President and CEO Tom Hayes indicated that if the demand for chicken products from slower-growing broiler breeds was strong enough, and it was proven to be good from an animal welfare perspective, the company would be willing to enter into that type of production.

7. Tyson Foods streamlines organization

Tyson Foods is streamlining its organization in support of a growth strategy announced earlier this year, the company announced. The new structure is designed around the company’s segments of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Prepared Foods.

8. 2 men arrested in case involving Fipronil in eggs

Two men have been arrested by Dutch investigators on suspicion of illegally using the pesticide Fipronil on chickens at egg farms.  

9. 10 forces shaping the future of agriculture

The future of agriculture is bright, thanks to emerging technology and innovative thinking. But, there will be challenges in achieving that vision.  

10. McDonald's reducing antibiotic use in chicken globally

McDonald’s, having already eliminated the use of antibiotics important to human medicine for its U.S. broiler supply, is now setting timelines to eliminate the use of such antibiotics from its broiler supply in other parts of the world.